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Public talk transcript from 10 years ago titled "MY OPINION"

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Worth more than all
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My Opinion
Good Health is Your Birthright

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· Sickness and disease are mainly self-inflicted
· There is only one disease with 400 symptoms
· The 400 medically catalogued diseases are only symptoms which are easily removed
by curing the one disease
· Cancer, AIDS, Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes, Lupus, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc.
etc., are only symptoms
· By listening and applying this information, you will cure the one disease and live a life
free of sickness and disease
· Author and Speaker–––George Gray Ph: 02 6344 1665
· Audio––56 mins

Well folks––thank you for your support. I do hope that the information in my talk today makes a very big difference in your life. I hope today is a changing day in your life. Today I’m going to talk about our birthright, and how we can claim it.

Good health is our birthright and I want to make sure that all of you can claim your birthright––good health.

But before we go any further I’d like to make it very, very clear, that the information and suggestions in my talk are only presented as material of general interest and not as a prescription for any specific person or specific condition that someone may have.

I strongly advise and encourage all of you to seek the aid of a qualified health practitioner for any advice pertaining to your particular condition and needs. Now my talk is my opinion––it’s a little bit different to the medical opinion––but you are advised to seek professional advice about your particular condition and needs.

Right! We’ll get on with my opinion. Today, in the world today, there are millions of people suffering unnecessary sickness and disease––terrible conditions they are suffering and they don’t have to suffer these things––the truth is, sickness and disease are self-inflicted.

Self-inflicted you say? Yes indeed, sickness and disease are self-inflicted. Look! I know it’s hard for you to get your head around this––it’s very hard to believe when you haven’t heard these sorts of things before.

Apart from genetic causes and prescription drugs, all cases of degenerative disease, sickness and disease, are self-inflicted––yes––well how is that possible you might ask––what is it that I do that makes me sick you might ask––what is it that we all do that causes disease?

To put it very bluntly––it’s the food that we eat––yes, the food that we eat, that’s what makes
us sick––that’s what causes us to suffer disease.

Well, what’s wrong with the food then? Well! To begin with, it’s unnatural––it’s dead––it’s cooked, devitalized, denatured, and the worst part about it all, is, it is acid-forming in the body––so did we, we all sort of get along with that? It’s unnatural the food we eat, it’s dead, it’s cooked, devitalized, denatured and the worst part of it is it’s acid-forming in the body––remember that––and as long as we continue to eat these types of harmful acid-forming foods, which change the chemistry of our bloodstream, from alkaline to acid, we will continue to suffer sickness and disease.

Now for us to be in good health our blood must always be alkaline, with a pH reading between 7.2 and 7.6, and any deviation either above or below this range means disease.

So, what is the reading? Our blood must always be alkaline and the pH reading must be
between 7.2 and 7.6––if it’s above that––or below that––the body is ill at ease––it is diseased.

Right, now our planet is a lovely place––and it’s a life-sustaining planet, a living planet––and on this planet only life, can beget life––dead things cannot beget life. So, if dead things cannot beget life, it is impossible then, to regenerate our cells and tissues with inorganic dead matter being used as food––live food,––live organic food––natural food, full of the life principal, enzymes, actually gives us life, and, regenerates our live cells and tissues.

Whereas dead, cooked, devitalized, denatured, acid-forming food, without the life principal enzymes––well it merely, it only just sustains us, but there is a great cost––it does not regenerate our cells and tissues or supply the necessary chemical elements composing them.

Now, because people don’t die quickly from eating these unnatural foods, these dead, acid-forming
foods, they believe that these harmful foods are nutritious, and they blame all their illnesses and diseases on germs and bacteria.

Sick people will often tell you, “Oh the doctor said I’ve got a virus”, or if you see them down the (street)––“Some kind of germ is attacking me, there’s a bug going around, I think I’m getting it or I’ve got it” etc.

But in truth, it is the unnatural acid-forming food that causes all their illnesses and diseases, not some virus or germ. Well, how do we know this? Alright, we’ll talk a little bit about the “false germ theory”––don’t know if any of you have heard about the “false germ theory”––perhaps someone has.

Now,––the medical profession built up on the false premise that germs cause disease has caused most people to be terrified of germs and bacteria, but the truth is––germs do not cause disease, no!! This fact was finally admitted to by Louis Pasteur on his death-bed. Now many times Pasteur and another Frenchman named Claude Bernard debated the germ theory of disease.

Pasteur said that disease came from outside the body and was brought in by germs, Bernard said that something had to go wrong with the body, it had to be in a run down state before germs could invade it––another famous Frenchman Antoine Bechamp, supported Bernard’s findings, and he said that disease came from within the body when it was in a run down state and in this condition germs could then invade it.

Pasteur and Bechamp were not the best of friends and the record shows that Pasteur who plagiarized much of Bechamp’s work was favoured by Napoleon the 3rd and the High Church, and because of this he was more popular then Bechamp.

Now Pasteur was very vocal and he was always expressing his opinion as he moved in the higher circles of society, well, eventually the people fell in behind his false germ theory. But, as I said before, on his death-bed he finally admitted to Professor Rennon who was caring for him, that he was wrong. He said: “Bernard was right, the microbe is nothing, the soil (meaning the body) is everything”.

Now this meant that Bechamp who supported Bernard was also right. This important fact has been hushed up for many, many years by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession––well––what do we expect? I mean they earn billions of dollars a day selling their drugs and carrying out procedures on sick people––let’s face it; it’s not in their interests for people to be healthy.

Treating the sick means big dollars––actually it’s a very, very, big business––treating the sick.

In 1977 two doctors tried to expose the truth, Dr Archie Kalokerinos of Sydney and Dr Glen Dettman of Mentone, Victoria, presented a paper to the International Academy of Preventive Medicine at Phoenix, Arizona.

This paper described how Louis Pasteur misled the people and set mankind on the wrong track––they presented evidence which showed that Bechamp was correct in claiming that disease happens when something goes wrong in the body that allows germs to invade it.

And even though this evidence was presented, the truth still remains well hidden, and today it is so obscure, that new medical students believe what they are taught, and even their teachers are not aware of the truth.

It is true however, that germs can adversely affect unhealthy people––but a healthy person is not affected, why?––Because germs cannot propagate in a healthy body.

Healthy people then––have no fear of germs at all––in fact vaccinations are of no benefit to
healthy people whatsoever.

Now, I don’t know whether you believe in the God theory and Creation or the Evolution theory, but whatever you believe––we have either been created to live here on this planet in harmony with germs and bacteria, or we have evolved, or we are evolving to live here in harmony with them––either way we must live in harmony with germs and bacteria, because they are part of the vital cycles of life on our life-sustaining, living planet.

Without these tiny scavengers we would die, yes we would all die without them––germs and bacteria are our friends really, not our enemies.

Now in our body we have millions, or billions really, of body cells, and they continually take in nutrients from our bloodstream and put out toxic metabolic waste matter, and this waste matter must be removed from our body to keep us free from disease, and some of these tiny scavengers neutralize the metabolic toxic waste matter in our body, and stir it up, so that it can be eliminated––they do us a favour really.

If we keep our body healthy by eating live raw food, the elimination of this metabolic toxic waste matter will take place very efficiently and keep us free from disease. You got that point that this waste matter must be removed from our body to keep us free from disease? Well, these tiny scavengers help us in that regard, and if we eat the right food, the elimination of this waste matter takes place very efficiently––keeping us free from disease.

Now look! Because we eat too much dead food in which the life-principle, the enzymes have been destroyed by cooking, our toxic metabolic waste matter is not eliminated efficiently, and it accumulates in our body––as filth––unwanted germs and bacteria now feed on this accumulated filth within us and begin to multiply and put out their own toxic waste matter, their sewerage, which accumulates with our metabolic toxic waste matter––this condition, this filthy condition is what the medical profession call, sickness or disease.

Of course the doctors will tell you that germs caused the disease, because on inspection they see so many of them multiplying––––Oh!! I guess it’s a bit like saying “flies caused the rubbish-tip––because there are so many flies out there”. Would you believe that flies caused the rubbish-tip? No––of course you wouldn’t, and no one could convince you otherwise.

The problem was caused by the unnatural build up of metabolic toxic waste matter, and this build up of toxic waste matter was due to the continual eating of dead, cooked acid-forming food, and this build up of filth is what attracted the germs and allowed them to multiply.

Look! Germs are attracted to filth just like flies, if we get rid of the filth the flies and germs will disappear––if we cover the rubbish-tip with earth, the flies will disappear, and, if we clean up our body by eating live raw food, any unwanted germs that are there, or that enter our body, will find no feeding ground of filth in which to multiply, and will naturally pass out of our body.

So!! Healthy people then, eat live raw food and have an alkaline bloodstream with a pH reading of 7.2 to 7.6––whereas unhealthy people eat unnatural, dead, cooked, devitalized, denatured, acid-forming food and have an acid bloodstream.

It’s as simple as that––isn’t that simple? Yes!! We can actually choose to be healthy or sick today––we can eat natural food and be healthy with an alkaline bloodstream or we can choose to eat unnatural food and suffer ill-health and disease because of having an acid bloodstream.

We can actually make that choice, the choice is ours.

Well!! Most people today follow the tradition of their parents, or peers, or whatever’s popular, and in any case, they are addicted, to the unnatural acid-forming food, and most of them say; “Oh, I’ve been eating this type of food all my life, I don’t see any reason to change”.

But what they fail to understand is, that while we are young our body compensates for the self-inflicted abuse it receives––young people eat junk food, sugar, soft drinks, cooked and processed foods, even some have alcohol, and their body usually compensates for this abuse.

However, as we get older, middle aged, our body is less able to compensate for this type of abuse, and sickness and disease begin to appear––and the older we get, the less our body can protect itself from the self-imposed harm caused by eating unnatural, cooked, acid-forming food, and when we’re that old the resulting adverse conditions are much worse.

Now––when we are in good health, the environment within our body will be in chemical balance––our blood chemistry will be correct with the right pH reading of 7.2 to 7.6, our blood viscosity will be low, meaning our blood will be thin, and it will flow freely, and deliver oxygen and other nutrients to all our body cells.

In this condition––sickness and disease cannot occur.

So, did we all get that? When is it that sickness and disease cannot occur? Well, that’s when we are in good health, and the environment within our body is in chemical balance––you remember, the blood, the pH reading must be 7.2 to 7.6, the viscosity of our blood will be low, meaning it will be thin, it can get through in very small places, and it will be free-flowing, and delivering oxygen and nutrients to all our body cells.

This is the condition in which sickness and disease cannot occur––that’s what we want to get to!!

Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what you want, to live your life free from sickness and disease? Yes of course it is that’s for sure!! But the addiction to the harmful foods is very strong, and only those with a strong will-power can overcome it.

Some––have even said to me that they have, some with a terminal disease have even said, they will not change their ways and continue to live––others have said that they’d rather die than eat raw fruit and vegetables.

Look! I’ve done some research in the Bible record regarding the length of time people lived, and what they ate, and, this may not interest many of you, but some of you, who profess to be Christians may find the results interesting––and some who are not Christians may also find the result interesting––by the way I’m not trying to promote the Bible, or any type of religion, or even a belief or disbelief in God.

Now, for those of you who are interested, the Bible record shows that when God created Adam and Eve, they were the crowning glory of his creative achievements on earth––they were very different from the other creatures––from the other creatures of creation, which had limited life-spans.

They had minds that could store information, and they could use reason and logic––their hearts had feelings and emotions, allowing them to show love and affection. Their bodies were very different indeed––yes, very different––they were designed to keep on renewing or regenerating themselves, forever! Forever!!

Yes, the Bible says they were designed to live here on the earth, forever––as long as they were obedient in all things and ate the food that he provided for them, which was raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll and enzymes.

Well, most of us have heard what the Bible said about Adam and Eve, we know what they did, we’ve heard the story––they chose to take the course of disobedience, which led––to learning the difference between good and bad, and at the end of it suffering death––yes they incurred the death penalty.

This meant, that they had to die before reaching one thousand years of age, because the Bible says that one thousand years is as a day with God, and he said they would die on the day they were disobedient.

But now we come to the interesting part––it took––nine hundred and thirty years––before Adam’s body finally wore out and he died––just imagine that!!––he must have been wonderfully made if this is true.

Now the record shows that during the first sixteen hundred and fifty six years up to the flood of Noah, people ate raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll and the enzymes, and they lived for well over nine hundred years––Methuselah, the oldest living human, lived for nine hundred and sixty nine years eating natural raw food.

Now after the earth had been covered by water for almost a year, there was no vegetation to eat when Noah and his family came out of the ark, so God allowed them to eat meat.

Cooked meat is one of the most acid-forming foods that we can eat––it doesn’t kill you right away, it sustains you, but is very harmful to the body.

Instead of returning to the natural diet of raw fruit etc. they continued eating unnatural, cooked, acid-forming food, which kept their bloodstream in an acid condition––their lifespan––consequently, kept getting shorter and shorter, and after about four hundred years of this type of unnatural eating, their life-span was down to about two hundred years, and a little later it dropped down to seventy or eighty years.

So, what have we learned from this? According to the Bible, mankind has degenerated from living over nine hundred years eating natural raw food, down to living only about seventy or eighty years, eating unnatural, dead, cooked, acid-forming food.

In the light of this information, those who believe the Bible should be able to see what they ought to be eating, but, unfortunately no group of Christians today, have returned to the diet supposedly designed for them by God.

Now, if God did not create us––and we evolved as many people believe––then when we look at what we are eating, it’s ridiculous really. Look!!! There is no other creature on the planet that first destroys its food by cooking or processing before eating it. We are the only creatures who are not living in harmony with the natural cycles of life of our planet.

Animals live in harmony, with the laws of nature, and the cycles of life of the planet, and they appear
sleek and healthy, just as long as we don’t interfere with them.

Imagine that we have a fresh bale of lucerne, and we boil this bale of lucerne in a great big pot, just as some people boil a vibrant stalk of spinach, or other vegetables, until they slump down into a soggy lump on the plate, and we dump this soggy lump of lucerne down in front of a horse or cow––do you think a horse or cow would eat it? Not at all, no, they’d walk right past it as if it were manure on the ground.

And yet that is what people give to their families to eat, to their children––dead, cooked, acid-forming
food, and unfortunately, that is what most of mankind eat today, food that has been destroyed in goodness, and that’s why so many people are sick, and at the doctor’s surgery every other day.

Alright, what about animals, how does the food affect animals? Well, we have these racehorse trainers and they feed their thoroughbreds with chaff and oats, and they do OK for about twenty five years. But if the same horses were put out into good pastureland, they would do much better and live for about fifty years. We can see that their lifespan has been halved by eating the wrong food.

It’s similar with cats and dogs, if you feed them raw meat they’ll do much better and live much longer than if you feed them cooked food.

What we’re trying to show here, is that unnatural food is not good for any creature on the planet––and calves, fed pasteurized milk, well, they all died within sixty days, and this has been shown by numerous experiments, and people are giving pasteurized milk to their children and their family members.

Perhaps the most famous experiment was conducted by Francis Pottenger, Dr Fancis Pottenger. He conducted a ten year experiment with nine hundred cats, and this experiment went from 1932 to 1942.

Now these cats were bred and studied for four and five generations. He divided them into six groups.

The first group was fed raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil––the second group was fed the same, except the meat was cooked, and the other groups were fed the same with various kinds of cooked milk, pasteurized milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened and condensed milk.

Now, only the cats in the first group fed on raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil, stayed healthy, and they stayed healthy throughout the whole experiment for the ten years.

The cats in the other groups suffered skeletal deformities, parasitic infestations, arthritis, reproductive failure, skin lesions, cardiac lesions and many other degenerative conditions, which are familiar in the literature of human medicine. They even lost their sexuality and turned to homosexuality––they couldn’t breed in the end.

After the experiment the pens lay fallow for several months and weeds sprang up, then the researchers noticed that only the pen that had housed the healthy cats, supported good growth of the weeds.

So this led the researchers to perform a further experiment. They planted beans in each pen, and again, only the pen that had housed the healthy cats, supported good growth of the bean plants to any real degree. The vegetation in the other pens was sparse and scraggly, and it was the most sparse in the sweetened condensed milk fed cats––these cats showed the most deficiencies and degenerative changes during the experiment.

So, we can see that it is important for all creatures on the planet to eat natural food. Look! pasteurized milk and homogenized milk are very dangerous things to take into your body, and people are giving these products to their children.

Is there anyone here that knows of an adult creature on the planet that drinks milk? No, I’m sure there’s no one here knows of one. We are the only creatures living such an unnatural life-style as to drink milk, and to make it even more unnatural, we drink milk from another species.

Look! The whole point of my talk is to point out that it is the food that causes us to be sick, and it is the food that can cause animals to be sick.

I have a quote from a Major General, Sir Robert McCarrison. He said: “I know of nothing so potent in maintaining good health in laboratory animals, as perfectly constituted food, and I know of nothing so potent in producing ill health, as improperly constituted food.” This too, is the experience of stock breeders, he said, and then he asked the question: “Is man an exception to a rule so universally applicable to the higher animals”? What he was saying was: “Are we, above the laws of nature”?

Sir Albert Howard studied the affects of epidemic diseases on well fed animals for twenty one years, and he mentioned such diseases as rinderpest, foot and mouth disease, septicaemia, and so on––things which frequently devastated the countryside.

He said––“None of my animals were segregated, none were inoculated, they frequently came in contact with diseased stock, and no case of infectious disease occurred”. “The reward”, he said, “of well nourished protoplasm was a very high degree of disease resistance, which might even be described as immunity”.

His animals were well fed and they did not get infected from contact with diseased stock. So again we can see that by eating the correct food and nourishing our body correctly, we have nothing to fear from ill health or from coming into contact with sick and diseased people––this will not have any affect on us if we are healthy––you remember what we learned earlier–– germs cannot propagate in a healthy body.

German and French data show that foot and mouth disease hardly ever occurs in granite and sandy areas, but sometimes in soils high in lime, it affects up to 80% of animals. It’s been found that a deficiency of copper prevents animals producing enough catalase, the main protective enzyme of the immune system. So, if there’s any farmers here, if you’re a farmer, remember, too much lime, not enough copper in your pastures, and foot and mouth disease will appear in your animals.

Now, I want to come to the most interesting part of my talk––this is about the one degenerative disease––this is very, very important. Has anyone here been told by their doctor that they have a particular disease? Have you been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or something else?

Well! There are some four hundred diseases catalogued by the medical profession–––but they are only symptoms of the one degenerative disease––only symptoms––and the degenerative disease is called, toxaemia of the bloodstream.

So, let’s just go over that again, it’s pretty important. There are some four hundred diseases catalogued by the medical profession, and they are really only symptoms of the one degenerative disease, and that disease is toxaemia of the bloodstream.

Now, people on the Western diet, which is a high fat, high cholesterol, high protein, high sugar, and high processed carbohydrates––they suffer with lipotoxaemia of the bloodstream.

Lipo means fat, toxaemia means poison, hence the word lipotoxaemia. So, toxaemia of the bloodstream in general, and if you’re on the Western diet with lots of fat, it’s lipotoxaemia.

Now, of course, if you have one or more of these many symptoms, including cancer, it’s only a symptom. Now, different diets result in different disease symptoms, for example, people in Japan on their low fat, high salt, cooked rice and vegetables and low fruit diet––they suffer mainly with stomach cancer, while people in Australia and America who eat the Western diet a high fat diet––suffer mainly with bowel cancer.

But, depending on the severity of the lipotoxaemia, different symptoms will prevail, such as              
different types of cancer. The main thing that I want you to remember, is, that all the catalogued degenerative diseases are only symptoms of the one disease––toxaemia of the bloodstream––and here in Australia, people on the Western diet suffer with lipotoxaemia of the bloodstream.

So, if you have some form of cancer, remember, it is only a symptom. Look, if Japanese people who normally suffer with stomach cancer, immigrate to Australia or America, and adopt the Western diet, they then suffer with bowel cancer, and if Australians or Americans who normally suffer with bowel cancer go to Japan and adopt the Japanese diet, they then suffer with stomach cancer.

Can you see? It’s just the food that’s causing the problem, and depending on the different foods, different symptoms of toxaemia prevail, in Japan it’s stomach cancer, and in Australia and America, it’s bowel cancer.

So the way to get rid of your so-called disease––is to adopt the natural diet. We want to get rid of our disease, what the doctors call a disease––we have to adopt the natural diet of raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing vital chlorophyll and enzymes.

Look!! There’s many things been read about and I’ve seen––people that have been hopelessly riddled with cancer have gone on just a grape diet, and got rid of their cancer––so don’t be weighed down if you have cancer––look forward to getting rid of it.

A patient at Dr Gerson’s health clinic on the Gerson diet, which is inferior to the natural diet––he was completely cured of muscular dystrophy, he’s now forty nine and completely normal.

Another example I suppose of just how good the natural diet is, is the experience of the Japanese soldier who ran off and hid in the jungles in the Philippines, when the Americans invaded near the end of the second world war. He thought that the Japanese would eventually get the upper hand again and he just stayed hidden in the jungle, and it kept going on and on, and you know, after twenty five years, one day he just came out of the jungle ready to surrender.

Well, when he returned to Japan they gave him a medical examination and he really amazed them, his teeth and his eyesight were perfect, and he looked a whole lot younger than other men of the same age, and he showed no sign of any degenerative disease, you know, the things that were considered normal for a man of his age.

Why was he so healthy? Because for twenty five years he ate raw food, consisting of fruit, berries, green vegetation and other various plants––he ate the natural diet for humans, that’s why he was so healthy.

But the sad thing about all this, was, that after he returned to Japan, he resumed eating the same food as everyone else, and in a short while his health deteriorated.

Now the question most people want answered after hearing about the natural diet is, why are there so many different ailments affecting so many different people in so many different ways; can you answer that, they ask me.

Well, if we take into consideration all the factors in the equation, which change the result, the
possibilities seem infinite. If we have a mathematical formula with lots of factors and we change some, the result’s always different, and if we have millions of factors, you know, the answers, the results are infinite, nearly.

Now if we all had the same genetic make-up, and we were all the same gender, and we were all the same age, and we all ate the same food, and the same amount of food grown in identical soil, and we all kept it in the fridge at the same temperature for the same amount of time, and we all suffered the same stress at home and at work, and we all had to travel the same distance to work, and we all received the same prescription drugs, and we all did the same amount of exercise, and we all cooked our food at the same temperature for the same length of time, and you know the list could go on and on.

If we can change the equation in so many ways, then we can get many different results, and that is why so many people suffer so many different ailments in so many different degrees–––we all have our likes and dislikes, we all eat more of this thing than the other thing, and of course we are affected differently.

Let us just look at some of the harmful acid-forming things that most people eat, and imagine the combinations resulting from varying the amount eaten of each item. Now, many of the acid-forming things are:

So we take all kinds of meat, cooked meat, fish, oysters, eggs, bread, flour, pastry, pies, sausage rolls, rice, confectionary, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, alcohol, cereals, sugar, jam, fried food, strong tea, coffee, vinegar, common salt, sauces, condiments, pickles, condensed milk, pre-cooked breakfast foods, and––etc. etc.

Imagine eating more or less of those things, and they’re all acid-forming, so you’re going to
get different results.

Then there are the fats, which are at the very top of the list of harmful things––things such as
animal protein and dairy products, which contain high amounts of fat and cholesterol, and of course we mustn’t forget the margarines and the processed oils––all the things that are supposed to be healthy––all the things that clog up our veins and arteries leading to heart and circulatory problems.

We are not designed to eat cooked or processed fat––monounsaturated fats from avocadoes and olives are good, they’re alright for us to eat in their natural state, but our total fat intake should not exceed four percent of our total calorie intake––so we don’t need a lot of fat, and we get fats out of our vegetables and fruits.

The Western diet uses about forty percent of the wrong kind of fat, and to make matters worse, it is cooked, and when it is cooked it is in its most dangerous form––it’s hard to digest, it disrupts our body’s chemical balance, and it is destructive to our vital organs. In fact, excess dietary fat is the main culprit in producing cancer and heart problems, and all the other so-called diseases of civilisation.

Because our body’s digestive system cannot properly break down cooked fat, when we eat it a lot of it bypasses our liver and enters our lymph system, whereby it then enters our bloodstream, causing our blood to become thick and sticky––our red blood cells are impaired and stick together, and it is the same with our platelets, they also stick together, and the white blood cells of our immune system––well, they just can’t operate efficiently.

When this happens our heart has to work harder, our blood pressure increases, our circulation is impaired, and in some areas it is completely stopped. Look, cooked fat in the Western diet increases the production of both male and female growth hormones, and is associated with lumps and cysts in the breasts of women, and ultimately breast cancer––and in men it is related to prostate and bowel cancer.

The high intake of fat on the Western diet increases oestrogen production, and it is responsible for the premature sexual development in young girls––and high fat intake is also related to diabetes––this is something––fat and diabetes. High blood fat inhibits insulin from interacting with sugar, and it’s been known since 1936 that diabetes could be––diabetics rather–––could be returned to normal by withholding fat from their diet––since 1936 this has been known.

And in the 1960s experiments turned fit athletes into diabetics in two days, just by loading their diet with fat and protein, and in some cases, if the fats were injected into the blood, it only took two hours to make the person a diabetic.

Well––do you think many of the diabetics are informed about this? No––of course they’re not told––there is no way that the pharmaceutical companies want their sales of insulin stopped, or even interfered with––diabetics don’t get to hear anything about this.

Look––all the so-called degenerative diseases can be cured by eating the natural food, and if you want to speed the recovery up, then you should use Reflexology. Reflexology is the best method by far, and there is no other form of treatment that even comes close––nothing on Earth comes close to Reflexology treatment.

I have seen nearly every type of serious health problem, cured with the natural diet and Reflexology treatment––the natural diet will eventually fix the problem on its own, but Reflexology speeds everything up––recovery is very quick indeed.

Now before I finish, I thought that you may like to hear of my son’s experience. When he was twenty six he had major health problems, and lots of them. He had heart problems, bowel problems, kidney problems, liver problems, pancreas problems, digestive problems, and these were all serious problems.

The doctor told him that a virus was attacking his liver, and there was nothing that could kill the virus––his liver was in very bad shape and there was nothing medical science could do––there was no treatment for his condition at all, and the doctor told him to go home and make his will––he said––“You’ve only got about a month to live”.

Well, my wife and I were devastated, and our son had given up all hope––the doctor’s words were like a “bone-pointing report” to him.

Now to cut the story short––we were told by an eighty two year old man who was digging trenches, pouring concrete, laying bricks and renovating his home, we were told by someone doing all this and he was eighty two, that we should try Reflexology treatment for our son––he said that he had been treating himself with Foot Reflexology for more than forty years.

So I borrowed his book and I found that there were other books by the same author advertised in it. I purchased the book which covered the whole body instead of just the feet, and started to treat my son, and I put him on a no-fat diet.

Well, he did not die as predicted by the doctor, and he kept making slow progress, because the liver is the slowest organ of the body to repair itself. The doctor was impressed with the way he responded to the treatment, and after six months when my son told him that I wasn’t able to get the pancreas Reflexology points to improve, he decided to send him to Westmead and have his pancreas examined.

Well, sure enough, he had big problems––his pancreas was calcified to a very large extent, and the doctor said that he would not last a year.

This was another “bone-pointing report” which made my job even harder––with the thought that a virus which could not be killed attacking him, and the doctors at Westmead predicting that he would be dead in a year, from his pancreas, well this was a big hurdle to overcome––to get it into his mind that the doctors were wrong, that’s what I had to do, that was a very hard thing to do.

Well––the upshot of it all is, today he’s a very healthy forty four year old man, working very hard as an electrical contractor––he is of course on the natural diet ninety five percent of the time, and I know that Reflexology treatment played a very big part in his recovery along with the natural diet.

Well, before I finish, I’d like to encourage anyone and everyone to change their eating habits to the natural diet and live a very healthy life-style.

Cancer is easy to overcome, and HIV AIDS is even easier to overcome.

Don’t let the doctors talk you into the grave with any of their “bone-pointing reports”.

Well––now that you all know how to claim your birthright––all I can say is––good health to
you all.
End of the public talk.

Abscisic Acid
During my studies I have found that abscisic acid, found in all raw fresh fruit and vegetables, inhibits and destroys the unnatural growth hormone produced by cancer cells stopping the growth of tumours allowing time for the immune system to destroy them.
On the natural diet you can throw away your toothbrush
Recommended Books
I have spent many years studying health. I did not arrive at the above information without learning from very learned men. Some of these men were highly experienced doctors of medicine––some of whom were survivors of cancer and other serious health problems. Also I have learned from alternative health writers and investigative journalists who wrote very informative books.

Some of these books are out of print and hard to locate. You could try Health Research,
Mokelumne Hill, California–––––The Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo, Los Angeles–––––and The Soil and Health Library website run by Steve Solomon. Steve has many books which are out of print and you can download them free of charge although a one time only small donation will be gratefully accepted.

I could name many books, but if you read these books or only some of these books, you will
not need to search further for the truth about the “oneness of disease”.
The Elixir of Life, Arnold De Vries, Chandler Book Company, 333 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago 1, Illinois.
A New Health Era, Dr. William Howard Hay (Pacono Hay-Ven, Mount Pacono, Pa., 1933)
Cancerproof Your Body, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble,
Sydney, Australia, 1996.
The Health Revolution, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble,
Sydney, Australia, 1980.
Health & Survival in the 21st Century, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road,
Pymble, Sydney, Australia, 1997.
Toxaemia Explained, J. H. Tilden, M.D. Denver Colorado, 1926.
The New Science of Healing or the doctrine of the Oneness of All Diseases, Louis Kuhne,
German Author, Leipzig. Published by Louis Kuhne.
Food Is Your Best Medicine, Henry G. Bieler, M.D. Random House, New York, 1965

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Comment by ednshell on April 18, 2014 at 5:16

Nice article!!! :D

You said:A patient at Dr Gerson’s health clinic on the Gerson diet, which is inferior to the natural diet––he was completely cured of muscular dystrophy, he’s now forty nine and completely normal. 

Do you have a link in this, I have friends with MD and would love to send it to them!

Comment by George S Gray on April 18, 2014 at 11:47

Hi ednshell,

The information is from Charlotte Gerson's Clinical Notebook under the sub heading Endometriosis.

She talks about a patient named Judy S back in 1986 suffering with endometriosis. Near the end of the article regarding Judy she goes on to say:

"The unusual twist to this story is that Judy tells me that her mother-in-law, Frances S, was a patient of Dr Gerson's for a benign cyst.  Her son (Judy's brother-in-law), Todd, had muscular dystrophy and was treated by Dr Gerson.  He is now, at 40, cured and completely normal".

The important point to keep in mind is the fact that the Gerson diet is inferior to the Natural Diet of raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll.

So if we want to cure muscular distrophy we should adopt the best diet, which is the Natural Diet; The Gerson diet is an improvement but not as good as the Natural Diet.  I would recommend sending the information on the Natural Diet to your friends as well.

You can also find mention of this in Ross Horne's book: Cancerproof Your Body, Appendix D, page 184, under the heading: Excerpt From The Gerson Healing Newsletter.

Comment by ednshell on April 18, 2014 at 12:22

Thankyou George!  Agreed on Gerson protocol.

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