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Cancer Cure
By George S Gray

I want to help people but I don't want to be sued so I would like to make it very clear, that the
information and suggestions presented here are only presented as my opinion.

I strongly advise and encourage all of you to seek the aid of a qualified health practitioner for any
advice pertaining to your particular condition and needs.

This information is my opinion; it’s different to the orthodox medical opinion––so you are advised to
seek professional advice about your particular condition and needs.

This is the link to my U Tube Cancer Cure Update Video:

The Most Simple and Easiest Cancer Cure.

DIY cancer cure, the one that really works.

Keep this fact in mind: Cancer is not a disease but only a symptom of the "One Disease", "Toxaemia of the Bloodstream", which occurs in an unhealthy acidic body.

Our body and bloodstream pH must be between 7.2 to 7.6 for good health and 7.4 is the optimum pH for the human body.

Any deviation either above or below these pH figures means disease, the "ONE" disease "Toxaemia of the Bloodstream".

Sickness and disease are mainly self-inflicted, and there are 400 symptoms of the "ONE" disease.

The 400 medically catalogued diseases, which are really only symptoms, are easily removed by curing the "ONE" disease.

Cancer, AIDS, Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes, Lupus, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc., are only symptoms.

No doctors are needed in this cancer cure unless there is some vital blockage in the body and surgery is necessary to prolong life.

Cancer can only live in an unhealthy acidic body with an acidic bloodstream.

Cancer cannot live in a healthy alkaline body with an alkaline bloodstream.

How can you change your acidic body to an alkaline body?

Nothing may pass the lips except raw fruit, raw vegetables (salad vegetables mainly) and water.

The body regards cooked food as a poison, which most people force their body to deal with many times a day.

Cooked food will feed the cancer.

WARNING: Tap water and many bottled waters are acidic and not alkaline as they should be. Watch this 6 minute video on water so you can get the best results.

Certain medication may have to be taken such as blood pressure, heart, diabetes and asthma medication etc., if needed to prolong life.

This is the easiest cure for cancer.

In 3 to 6 weeks all traces of the cancer will be gone; some cases have taken a little longer.

Will this alkaline forming diet cure all types of cancer?

Yes, as far as I know it will cure all types of cancer in the human body; I'm not sure about cancer from radioactive material in the body such as that from Fukushima.

Cancer cannot live in a healthy alkaline body.

The abscisic acid in raw fruit and vegetables inhibits and destroys the unnatural growth hormone produced by the cancer cells.

This stops the growth of tumours and allows time for the now very powerful immune system to destroy them.

The raw fruit and vegetable diet causes the body to reach good health with a powerful immune system.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy poison the body and keep it in an unhealthy acidic condition; in most cases this allows the cancer to keep growing or to grow again if it had been temporarily stopped.

The failure rate for chemotherapy is 97%, but the oncologists continue to prescribe it because they earn big money from selling it.

The cancer business is a very big business and a cure would destroy it.

In my opinion the professors/oncologists are worse than tribal witchdoctors, they don't have a clue what they are doing; they keep on killing people who put their trust in them.

They follow the medical profession's advice to poison the body and keep it in an unhealthy acidic condition with a weak immune system.

In contrast to this they should be making the unhealthy acidic body change to a healthy alkaline body with a powerful immune system, which would destroy the cancer.

By their actions the medical profession highlight their ignorance on the subject of cancer.

They have no idea what causes cancer or what cures cancer and they hate being exposed for what they are.

Oncologists claim they are only following orders, the authorized procedure; war criminals said they were only following orders as well.

The medical profession need to own up to the fact that they are ignorant and incompetent in regard to cancer treatment.

No more research needs to be carried out looking for a cancer cure, and no more grants need to be paid out to research groups looking for a cancer cure.

This information needs to be made known throughout the countries of the world.

Accurate translations are needed to help the people in all the countries of the world understand this information.

Nobody should die of cancer any more.

Pass this information on.

PS. There is a lot of good information on the net on the subject of grounding the human body with the earth.

There are great benefits from doing this as an earthed body (grounded to earth with bare feet or hands) is in resonance with the aether and will have good health unless acid-forming food is eaten.

The acid-forming food (cooked food) immediately puts the human body out of resonance with the aether and disease develops.

So, while curing the cancer with the natural diet of raw fruit and veggies, take the opportunity to ground yourself each day for some time, the longer the better.

Walking barefoot outside also presses the Reflexology points on the bottom of the feet and this also results in much better health.

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