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Poisoned From The Cradle To The Grave

Poisoned From The Cradle To The Grave

This is a chapter from my unpublished book written in the 1980s--90s.

I want to help people but I don't want to be sued so I would like to make it very clear, that the
information and suggestions presented here are only presented as my opinion.
I strongly advise and encourage all of you to seek the aid of a qualified health practitioner for any
advice pertaining to your particular condition and needs.
This information is my opinion; it’s different to the orthodox medical opinion––so you are advised to
seek professional advice about your particular condition and needs.
George Gray

The human body regards cooked food as a poison. Most people force their bodies and
their children’s bodies to deal with poisonous cooked food many times a day; hence
poor general health is the result for mankind.

Cooked food acts like a slow poison in the human body and the subtle ill health
changes are not noticed. Ill health is so common among mankind that people expect
to get sick.

Most people believe that some disease from outside the body is going to attack them
one day; they are terrified that cancer will attack them because they believe in the
false germ theory of disease.

People need to know that all degenerative disease comes from within the body and it
is caused by eating cooked food.

A baby is poisoned for the first time in its life when its mother puts a man made
sweetener on its dummy, and it is further poisoned later when it is put on a bottle
containing pasteurized or homogenized milk or a man made formula to replace breast

As the child grows it is poisoned many times each day with cooked food. All through
life as the child progresses into teens, adulthood and old age it is continually poisoned
by eating cooked food.

People have no idea that they are slowly poisoning themselves to death many times
each day by eating cooked food, and they are also ignorant of the fact that they might
be able to live hundreds of years eating only raw food.

All the so-called degenerative diseases of mankind are caused by the eating of cooked
food, and all these so-called diseases, which are really only symptoms of the “ONE”
disease: “Toxaemia of the Bloodstream”, can be cured in many cases and avoided by
eating only raw food.

Well, what’s wrong with cooked food then, people might ask?

To begin with, it is poisonous in the body; unnatural, dead, devitalised, denatured,
and it is acid-forming in the body, causing the body to be out of harmony or out of
resonance with the life-giving aether.

As long as people continue to eat cooked, harmful acid-forming foods, which change
the chemistry of their bloodstream, from alkaline to acid, they will continue to suffer
sickness and disease.

For people to be in good health they must be in resonance with the life-giving aether,
their blood must always be alkaline, with a pH reading between 7.2 and 7.6, and any
deviation either above or below this range means disease; the optimum pH for
humans is 7.4.

Raw food is very potent in life-giving benefits and used as only a small part of the
diet, up to ten percent or a less, is able to preserve human life and maintain the “low”
level of health that mankind experience today.

When humans use raw food in greater amounts the results are more noticeable and a
greater level of health is achieved.

When humans use raw food exclusively it seems like a magic potion to the
uninitiated, the results are electrifying; the transformation in physiological efficiency
throughout the body is something to behold, it is amazing.

Raw food is packed with enzymes, the “life” of foods. Cooking food destroys the
enzymes, the “life” of the food; I regard the cooking of food as a “Black Art”, which
is responsible for the ill health of mankind.

As well as destroying the enzymes, the “life” of the food, cooking food destroys many
of its vitamins and causes the loss of many of its essential minerals in varying

Some of the enzymes lost in cooking food are protease, lactase, diastase, catalase,
salolalase, peroxidase, aldehydase, phosphatase, and anaylase.

When food is cooked, many of its minerals are water-soluble and hence they are
dissolved out of the food into the cooking water and usually thrown out; phosphorus,
calcium, iron, iodine, sulphur, copper and the trace minerals are lost in the manner.

When the water is served with the meal the soluble minerals are not lost but the heat
damages many of the other minerals during the cooking process.

The cooking of food causes the loss of vitamins in two ways; vitamins A and C are
destroyed when the plant enzymes cause the vitamins to combine with oxygen, thus
inducing oxidation. Some of the other vitamins are not destroyed but being soluble in
water they are dissolved out of the food. Vitamin D and some of the B complex
vitamins are lost in this way.

Cooking causes the proteins of food to become less digestible; some of the amines are
altered by heat and others are destroyed. Cystine and cysteine are so denatured by the
heat of the cooking process they become useless in aiding with nutrition.

There have been many studies done in feeding birds and animals cooked food and raw
food. Cooked food always proved harmful and even fatal to the birds and animals.

In 1912 Weill and Mouriquant of France conducted experiments on pigeons; only the
pigeons fed on raw food thrived.

Sir Robert McCarrison conducted an experiment feeding cooked food to white rats.
One thousand pedigreed albino rats were put on a diet of raw cabbage, raw carrots,
raw milk, raw meat, unleavened bread, and sprouted legumes.

Two thousand rats were then put on a diet of white bread, margarine, tinned meat,
tinned jam, boiled tea, boiled potatoes, boiled cabbage and a small amount of milk.

All in house conditions being equal the rats given primarily the uncooked food were
very healthy in all respects and suffered no disease whatsoever; all mothers reared
their young.

The two thousand rats eating mostly cooked food soon began developing disease; they
developed practically every ailment found listed in the medical literature.

Conditions listed after post-mortem were tuberculosis, arthritis, Bright’s disease,
gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, glandular enlargements, inflammation of the eyes,
anaemia, loss of hair, infected teeth, infected tonsils, middle-ear problems, corneal
ulceration, skin problems of various types and mental problems.

The raw food fed rats were gentle and affectionate but the cooked food fed rats
became ill-tempered and vicious; they would bite the attendant, kill and eat each other
and they displayed a state of continuous nervous irritability.

This reminds me of the way humans on this planet who eat cooked food treat each
other; there is no love, people are fiercely competitive and have a dog eat dog attitude,
and the nations are constantly at war killing each other.

After the rat experiments McCarrison used twenty monkeys in a new experiment.
Nine monkeys were put on a diet of raw food, plus wheaten bread, milk, ground nuts,
fresh onions, fresh butter, plantains and water.

Six monkeys were put on wheaten bread, cooked rice, ground nuts, boiled milk, fresh
butter and water.

The other five monkeys were given a similar lot of cooked foods, fresh onions a little
fresh butter and water.

All things being equal with the monkeys the only difference was the diet.

The monkeys fed on the raw food remained in good health with the exception of an
attack of jaundice in some of them due to the sudden lack of exercise as well as too
many monkey-nuts, which were limited in the early stages to 10 grams; the jaundice
was corrected by reducing the diet to milk and bananas for a few days, and adding
magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts) to the drinking water.

The monkeys on the cooked food developed disease immediately and every animal
died within 43 to 100 days.

Post-mortem of these monkeys revealed the presence of dozens of physical
abnormalities and ailments, including dilation of the stomach, gastric catarrh, stomach
ulcers, duodenal catarrh, degeneration of the mucous membrane, congestive changes
in the jejunum and ileum, ballooning of the small bowel, atrophy and thinning of the
walls of the small intestine, colitis, ballooning of the colon, atrophy of the omentus
and cancer of the pylorus.

Dr. O. Stiner an investigator for the Swiss Board of Health conducted an experiment
with guinea pigs. He placed a large group of them on a diet of their normal food,
which would normally be taken raw, but in this case the food was cooked in a high-pressure

Disease appeared shortly thereafter. Their teeth became softened to such an extent
that they could be cut away with scissors. Gangrenous gingivitis developed and the
jaws softened and warped until the rows of teeth overlapped and would not close in
the normal manner.

Their salivary glands were very badly affected and they developed both goitre and
anaemia. In some cases two teaspoons of pasteurized milk were added each day to
the diet and this was followed by the development of arthritis. Most of the guinea pigs
died of scurvy with a small number dying of lung cancer.

From 1932 to 1942 doctor Francis Pottenger conducted a ten-year experiment with
nine hundred cats.

These cats were bred and studied for four and five generations; they were divided into
six groups.

The first group was fed raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil.

The second group was fed the same, except the meat was cooked.

The other groups were fed the same with various kinds of cooked milk, pasteurized
milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened and condensed milk.

Only the cats in the first group fed on raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil, stayed
healthy, and they stayed healthy throughout the whole experiment for the ten years.

The cats in the other groups suffered skeletal deformities, parasitic infestations,
arthritis, reproductive failure, skin lesions, cardiac lesions and many other
degenerative conditions, which are familiar in the literature of human medicine. They
even lost their sexuality and turned to homosexuality; they couldn’t breed in the end.

This experiment with the cats helps us to see how people can be born as homosexuals,
and also we can see that homosexuality is not normal, but very abnormal.

After many generations of people eating cooked food, we see that some of them can
eventually produce children who are homosexuals just as the cats produced
homosexual kittens and finally they couldn't breed.

After the experiment the pens lay fallow for several months and weeds sprang up,
then the researchers noticed that only the pen that had housed the healthy cats,
supported good growth of the weeds.

So this led the researchers to perform a further experiment. They planted beans in
each pen, and again, only the pen that had housed the healthy cats, supported good
growth of the bean plants to any real degree.

The vegetation in the other pens was sparse and scraggly, and it was most sparse in the sweetened condensed milk fed cats. These cats showed the most deficiencies and degenerative changes during the experiment.

It becomes obvious that all creatures on the planet including humans must eat natural
raw food to be in resonance with the life-giving aether and remain healthy.

Other experiments showed that calves, which were fed on pasteurized milk all died
within 60 days, and people are giving pasteurized and homogenized milk to their
children and their family members.

The question arises, is there an adult creature on the planet that drinks milk?

No, humans are the only creatures living such an unnatural life-style as to drink milk,
and to make it even more unnatural, they drink milk from another species.

The records show that zoo animals suffered many symptoms of disease when fed
cooked food and when they were fed raw food their health improved.

A life span of 20 years is considered very long for a typical zoological gorilla fed on
some cooked foods.

When an orang-utan is fed canned fruit, bread, tea and coffee its life span is very short
and it is subject to all the same health problems as humans who eat cooked food.

Baboons given cooked food suffer many respiratory problems and usually die before
reaching maturity.

Chimpanzees fed on cooked food suffer bronchial pneumonia, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, measles, cholera, grippe, colds, ulcers, colitis, tuberculosis, peritonitis, hypertrophied liver, debility and hair loss.

There are too many examples to mention here of animals suffering disease due to
being fed cooked food.

A good example of just how good the natural diet of raw food is for  humans, is the experience of the Japanese soldier who ran off and hid in the jungles in the Philippines, when the Americans invaded near the end of the second world war.


He thought that the Japanese would eventually get the upper hand again and he just stayed hidden in the jungle, and it kept going on and on, and one day after twenty five years, he came out of the jungle ready to surrender.


When he returned to Japan they gave him a medical examination and he really amazed them; his teeth and his eyesight were perfect, he looked a whole lot younger than other men of the same age, and he showed no sign of any degenerative disease or health problems that were considered normal for a man of his age.


Why was he so healthy? Because for twenty five years he ate raw food, consisting of fruit, berries, green vegetation and other various plants; he ate the natural diet for humans, that’s why he was so healthy.


But the sad thing was, that after he returned to Japan, he resumed eating the same food as everyone else, and in a short while his health deteriorated.

All this evidence should be enough to satisfy those seeking the truth about the health
problems of humans eating cooked food.

Now that these facts have been established we can say that all human degenerative
health problems are self-inflicted by eating cooked food.

Cancer, heart attacks and strokes along with all the other so-called degenerative
diseases are self-inflicted.

Cancer is very easily cured by eating only raw fruits, raw vegetables and drinking
only water.

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