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At 15:48 on November 17, 2010, Jennadene Smith said…
Thank you for creating this network, I will pass it on. My mother inlaw had breast cancer 15 years ago and it returned. I was horrified at the change in her whilst she underwent chemo again. they gave her 3 months to live and the chemo nearly killed her before that. Well with some changes she has made (very hard woman to convert) She is still alive(3 years now) and recovered from the chemo treatment. she has gained weight and back to 'normal' self. I really would like to give her a book/dvd or both for christmas to encourage her to use nutrition and natural treatments as she is not out of the woods yet....any suggestions.

Much love Jen xxx :)
At 17:58 on December 19, 2010, ednshell said…

Thanks! :)  This website is a great idea and much needed.  I am sure it will help a lot of people.  For myself, it gives me confidence to speak more openly with others when I have groups like this for support! :)  So thank you for creating this network! :)

At 21:55 on December 19, 2010, Jennadene Smith said…

thank you I will take a look thanks for sharing I am very grateful


Jen xx

At 19:31 on December 20, 2010, Lissa said…

Dear Lindy, thank you so much for creating this network. You and your daughter do a tremendous amount of invaluable work! Thank you for the warm welcome! :-)

At 5:46 on December 25, 2010, ♥Dizzy's Healing Retreat said…

I'm usually at Phuket, and can hold retreats at other locations.

Where did stay during your visit?  You should continue to eat a raw food diet and please lay off the nuts!  I hope Freelee is working on you =D

and thanks for taking the time to give birth to this network =)
At 1:59 on January 12, 2011, Arrow said…

Thank you for the welcome!


My story is more about what happens when you have cancer and no health insurance, a "vision" and the transformation of your thinking...and it all happened 30 or so years ago. 


It was a journey I took alone..a hard one..and it took years to overcome the anger.  But I beat the system in the end.  Yes I did have to have surgeries..many of them..and after losing one ovary and tube and the other one left with so much scar tissue I was left infertile and still sick...I was never going to have babies...I was told.  

I have a 14 year old :)  Which means I fight a completely different it's all good :)


It was my diet..I changed it.   Then due to personal stupid reasons I went back to a SAD diet...and now I'm fighting again for my health (not cancer though)...and winning with an 80/10/10/Rave Diet mix.  Most days it's all Raw....high fruit and always ALWAYS low fat. 



At 6:49 on April 16, 2011, Mikey said…

Hey Nut Lady hope things are going well,

Just to let you know I will be bringing  a lot of info to the site :)

At 9:21 on April 16, 2011, Mikey said…
We have to help each other if we have any hope for the future. Thanks for starting the site. It is becoming a place where people who have cancer can become confident in trying non medical procedure. Especially changing their diet. I am going to make a blog which I think will be great hopefully this weekend. Top things to do when you get cancer, to give people direction
At 14:07 on April 17, 2014, George S Gray said…

Hi The Nut Lady,

Thank you for your comments and may we help millions of people.


At 7:38 on November 17, 2014, Justina Coronil said…
Thank you for welcoming me in. One of many things I've done naturally after my treatment was making Guyabano tea. I hope to find more tips on this site. Blessings!

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