Chemo will Kill you

What the 'professionals' won't tell you...

I am at present reading a book called"Selling Sickness-How the Drug Companies are turning us all into Patients"by Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels. It really makes you think about the reasons behind diagnoses and just how they are affected not by concern for the patient but by the chance to make big bucks. There are many so called diseases out there that don't really exist, except in the minds of some big pharma executives for the purpose of exploitation. They strive to make acceptable conditions that people have(usually the result of poor lifestyles)and define them as disease and in need of a new drug or treatment. The examples they give are highCholesterol,Depression,menopause,ADD,high blood pressure,Social Anxiety Disorder,osteoporosis,IBSand female sexual Disfunction. All of these conditions are being recognised as needing medical intervention when most are just conditions of the human species due to bad food choices. How many more are there? who knows but big Phama makes billions out of this type of marketing presented at seminars to our Medical professionals who are like sheep and accept without question, although there are many notable exceptions but they seldom get heard and are constantly fighting disdain from their colleagues who see the money making possibilities also. Makes me despair for the future sometimes!

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