Chemo will Kill you

What the 'professionals' won't tell you...

Patients with no treatment for cancer have a surprisingly high survival rate. Personally, after seeing and hearing what chemotherapy does to people, even if I'm not completely sold on the idea of diet, no treatment is a viable option.

   From the below links, you can see that the 10 year survival rate is low, but when you take into account "The 10-year, disease-specific survival rate was 86.8%" JAMA. 1992 Apr 22-29;267(16):2191-6. the actual deaths from cancer for an untreated patient is low. In other-words, if you can't or won't change your diet there is still hope to live a good long life as long as you avoid treatment.


   "Historical data of untreated breast cancer patients reveal a potential for long survival in some cases." J Surg Oncol. 2000 Apr;73(4):273-7.

   I know my vet recommends this option for senior dogs. Rather than put an elder through invasive surgery, non-treatment is effective. Note, I didn't think to look for the articles on my own, I got the idea after watching the trailer for Healing Cancer from Inside Out again.

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